What if you were offered Paradise RIGHT NOW?
Would you trade JUST $50 for a
Whoever builds a Mosque for Allah,
Allah will build for him a similar house in
[Sahih Muslim, Book 4, Hadith 1085]

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity you may never get again!
How often can you help bring a multipurpose Islamic Center to a place that has NEVER had one before, that serves a growing Muslim community, and serves hundreds of thousands of Muslim tourists by giving them a dedicated place to worship AND an Islamic Center that provides Dawah to 3 MILLION tourists each year?
YOU will get the rewards of:
  • The families AND the HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of Muslim tourists that will pray in this multipurpose Islamic Center and worship Allah
  • ​​Those discovering and embracing Islam.
  • ​​Those learning the Noble Quran and becoming Hafidhs of the Book of Allah.
  • Passing down the teachings and knowledge about Islam to our kids (who will then pass it on to their kids, and so on...)​​ 
  • ​​Those learning Arabic, the language of the Quran.
  • ​​Providing the opportunity for students to study the religion of Allah and become Imams and leaders in our own communities!
  • ​​Providing an opportunity to learn Dawah and calling MILLIONS of tourists to Islam.
And it doesn’t end here!
The Ajr of Dawah is not the type of reward that ends. Your reward will in sha Allah continue to be multiplied until the day you meet Allah (Sadaqah Jariyah). The good actions that will result from this center, will in sha Allah be taught and practiced for generations after generations.
The Messenger of Allah ﷺ said: 
“He who calls others to follow the Right Guidance will have a reward equal to the reward of those who follow him…”
[Sahih Muslim Book 34, Hadith 6470]
Furthermore, Allah says (translation of its meaning):
“The example of those who spend their wealth in the way of Allah is like a seed [of grain] which grows seven spikes; in each spike is a hundred grains. And Allah multiplies [His reward] for whom He wills. And Allah is all-Encompassing and Knowing.”
[Quran 2:261]
This means, not only will you get an ongoing reward for all that is mentioned above, you will also have that amount you gave, multiplied by up to 700 in return on the Day you meet Allah!
We ask Allah to protect you and your family from every harm, and to rid you of all hardships, and to give you the highest rank in Jannah where you accompany the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him). Ameen!
About Us
This is a project for the Local AND Global Muslim community in one of the world's most beautiful destinations -Queenstown, New Zealand.
Did you even know that there are Muslims living in this popular tourist spot? Well, there are! 

Established over ten years ago, this growing Muslim community has been living here, doing as much as they can to pray and worship Allah without a purpose-built mosque. For the better part of a decade, the Muslim families here have had to pray the 5 daily prayers and Taraweeh prayers from their homes, or leased/rented properties! Sometimes, they have even been forced to hold prayers outside in the "unpredictable" New Zealand weather that can sometimes reach temperatures colder than -10°C (14°F)!

And to make things EVEN worse?

Our youth, who are growing up in a Western society, are at risk of being disconnected from the religion of Allah.

With NO dedicated place to go and learn about the beauty and truth of our religion, NO place to go for advice and guidance, and NO safe space to meet up and hang out with their fellow Muslim friends -away from the negative outside forces of crime, violence, and sin, HOW are they to become productive Muslims in our society and pass on our religion to future generations?

That’s why we are trying to establish a purpose-built mosque. You might not think Queenstown needs one, but so many of us have come here to stay -whether it be temporarily or as a permanent home. We come from all over the world, and have settled in this beautiful city. And we need to be strong, and build a community for our own selves, our children, and the greater global Muslim community. A purpose-built mosque is key to doing just that.
A Call to Build a House of Allah.
We are now calling on all Muslim brothers around the world to join our efforts. We're addressing an important problem that affects Muslims in New Zealand -specifically Queenstown and that is: There is no purpose-built mosque there. Our mission is to spread awareness and raise money for establishing the first and only multipurpose Islamic Center in Queenstown, along with an Islamic Center.

This state-of-the-art multipurpose Islamic Center and Islamic Center will not only provide the families of Queenstown with their very own place to hold prayers -but a PLETHORA of benefits for ALL Muslims:
  • A place to hold community events
  • ​Recreational facilities for both parents AND children
  • ​Islamic school to teach our future generations
  • ​Resort and accommodations for Muslim tourists around the world to enjoy HALAL food and entertainment
  • ​A center for outsiders to seek more information about Islam (which helps fight misinformation/islamaphobia) and an opportunity to spread the light of Islam!
We created this campaign for everyone to contribute at various impact levels. Your involvement is critical to our success and solving this problem, making a purpose-built mosque available for the local Muslim residents at Queenstown and making an Islamic Center available for 3 million tourists who visit Queenstown every year. 
Funds Needed to Secure the ideal Property
 Architectural Renderings/Planning
Purchase Suitable Property & Receive Permits/Approvals
Construction of the 1st-EVER multipurpose Islamic Center in Queenstown
Alhamdulillah, our Queenstown community is one step closer to finally having a multipurpose Islamic Center.
But that's not all! Thanks to the overwhelming support from over 14,000 Muslims worldwide, we felt the need to take this project one step further to benefit the GLOBAL Muslim community.

How many times have you planned a family vacation, only to find once arriving that there are very few Halal food options around?  

How many times have you found yourself enjoying a beautiful afternoon basking in the sun at the beach, only to look over to see locals casting odd looks at your modest clothing?

How often have you had to feel paranoid that you would be treated differently in a new, unfamiliar place, simply because you're Muslim?

For the 46,721+ families that visit Queenstown each year, these problems will no longer have to worry them. In addition to building the first ever multipurpose Islamic Center, we are also establishing a Muslim-friendly resort, Dawah Center, and Muslim Youth Development Center.  This project will serve as a hub for Muslims all across the world by providing:
  • 46 Muslim-Friendly Tourist Activities
  • ​Event space for courses, workshops, and conferences
  • State-of-the-art Islamic Library
  • ​Dawah/Information Center for those interested in learning about Islam
  • ​Ladies-only Fitness Center
  • ​Classes for the youth to learn about the Qur'an and Sunnah
And MUCH more!
We need your help!

YOU have the ability to help us build the ONLY multipurpose Islamic Center in this city. 

If every Muslim that saw this donated JUST $100 we would raise the money we need to complete this multipurpose Islamic Center!

There are more than 1.8 billion Muslims in the world, but the question is; are you one of those very special and beloved people to Allah that will help and earn Paradise?
Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Does Queenstown really not have a multipurpose Islamic Center?
A. Yes! Apart from informal prayer spaces, Queenstown, New Zealand has NEVER had a multipurpose Islamic Center constructed solely to provide Muslims (and those interested about Islam) the much-needed services and space they require.  
Q. Where will the multipurpose Islamic Center be constructed?
A. We are looking to purchase a property near Frankton, Queenstown, NZ overlooking the majestic Lake Wakatipu.
Q. What happened to the previous fundraiser for Queenstown multipurpose Islamic Center?
A. Alhamdulillah, by God's grace and with your support, we were able to raise $1.5 million NZD. However, the price of real estate in Queenstown is still too high, valued at least $5 million NZD for this type of project. We hope that we can continue counting on your gracious support to help us complete this noble project. 
Q. What will my donation be used for?
A. 100% of your donations go towards establishing the first-ever multipurpose Islamic Center in Queenstown. MyFundAction covers its administrative costs through private fundraising events. 
Q. Is my donation Zakat-eligible?
A. Yes, your donation is considered Zakat-eligible as it is considered "in the cause of Allah".
Q. How many people have donated to this fundraiser?
A. Alhamdulillah, over 14,400 generous supporters have contributed to this project from all corners of the world. May Allah accept all of their good deeds and grant them the highest levels of paradise, ameen.
Q. Who is MyFundAction and what is their affiliation?
A. MyFundAction New Zealand is a registered charitable trust based in Auckland, NZ. Our objective is to be a platform that empowers the youth to give back to the community through volunteerism and entrepreneurship -creating holistic leaders in solving global issues.

We have been involved with the Queenstown multipurpose Islamic Center project since its inception with the vision that one day the Muslim families, and most importantly -the youth living in Queenstown, will have a center from which we may all pray, learn, grow, and contribute back to the global Muslim community. 
We also need you to share this campaign on Facebook and all other social media platforms so others can be inspired to support this noble project. The average share is worth $36 of donations, and you will get reward of all those who donate because of you sharing the campaign.
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